The Opposite of Stress and Discouragement

Reading: Isaiah 40

Okay. So, really, this is actually only about verses 27-31, but you can’t tell me you regret reading the entire chapter. It’s good to stop every now and again simply to take in the awesome power of our God!

My focus today is on encouragement. Let’s face it, we all get discouraged. Right now, I’m going through some major stress–namely, unemployment. When I get discouraged and stressed, I often forget to share my frustrations with God. In the past, I thought that God was too busy/big/important to bother with my stress. Eventually, He showed that He is always there and wants me to come to Him with all my problems, no matter how trivial they seem. I realized that, instead of holding everything up inside me, I could release it to the one called The Comforter. I have since spent many moments at the stone bench pacing, throwing my hands in the air, and railing at God about one thing or another. Going on in a way I would never let myself go with another person. (A scary thought if you’ve ever seen me go off on someone.) Continue reading